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Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots Black/White


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Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots Black/White

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The Sidi Crossfire SRS Motocross Boots are the epitome of design, safety, and comfort for every level of rider. The quality and innovations that make up the Sidi Crossfire SRS Motocross Boots are unmatched. So much so that Sidi is the only manufacture to back up their name with a two year warranty. Sidi has taken the Crossfire SRS a step further by incorporating a Dual Hinge System, that allows maximum mobility front to back, but also allows for strict rigidity from side to side. The SRS version of the Crossfire Motocross Boot stands for "Sole Replacement System" which allows a rider to not only replace their soles when they wear out, but can also swap between SuperMoto, MX, and Adventure Touring soles. No re-gluing or sending your MX boots off in the mail, just a simple screw driver and 10 minutes of your time. The Sidi Crossfire SRS Motocross Boots are constructed of Lorica, a synthetic leather that is 1/1000th the thickness of silk, but has a higher abrasion resistance and better breathability over leather. A rider in Crossfire's will notice the weight difference over leather as well as less moisture in the boots, a quicker dry time, and practically no break-in period at all. Proudly built with a "No Bootie" design also adds to the riders comfort, feel on the footpegs, and removes a layer of possible moisture build up which all lead to a better looking, better feeling motocross boot. Never thought a motorcycle boot could feel so good? Welcome home.

  • The new Sidi Crossfire off road boot has a number of new features, a new updated look and some updated existing Sidi features.
  • It has an all-new dual hinged upper that has enhanced the riders comfort without sacrificing any structural stability in the crucial side-to-side movement.
  • It features the POP buckles and straps that now have a snap closure on the adjustment that locks the strap into the desired length. No more readjusting each time the rider puts on the boots.
  • New plastic covering across the toe and is one of the lightest boots in its market segment.
  • Two screened rear vents are offered to allow trapped rider body heat to escape the boot while at the same time, due to their position, not allow dirt to enter the boot.
  • "ACS" adjustable calf system is utilized in the boots design so riders of all calf sizes, or riders with knee braces can be properly fitted to the boot. It also has a high grip material that is used in the interior calf area to enhance the riders grip and control over the motorcycle.
  • Three fins are incorporated into the boots design from the heel to the Achilles area. These are positioned so MX riders can up shift with the rear of their boot after a race start.

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