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Tester Baterie priza bricheta


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Tester Baterie priza bricheta

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In-Line Battery Status / Charge System Monitor

Monitor charge of any 12V lead-acid battery or confirm if vehicle charging system is working correctly, plugs directly into 12V outlet
Length = 10”/25cm
10A fuse (inside connector)
2 automatic Modes – Battery charge level monitor (single LED blink mode) & Charging system test (arrow mode)
4 LEDs cover ‘full to empty’ voltage range of all 12V batteries, including higher voltage AGM for power sport (4th vvLED = 12.7V )
Battery charge level : LED matching charge level blinks every 5 seconds (long term draw less than 0.2 micro Amps)
Fast blink mode for first 15 seconds after connection to battery, ideal for testing multiple batteries (e.g. vehicles on showroom floor)
Vehicle Charge system : LED arrow mode activates when charge voltage reaches minimum 13.5V (vgreen LED) or ideal range of 14V+ (vv green LED)
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